Since Jason Clark made his announcement on   19th May  that he would no longer be financing the club, the Worksop Town Board of Directors, the Club supporters trust and the club’s supporters have all been working hard to secure the future of the 4th oldest club.

Jason’s announcement was a total surprise to me and a ‘body blow’ for the football club, in the 3/4 weeks that has followed a lot of hard work has taken place, a lot of progress has been made and I can now see that the Club’s long term future is becoming clearer and some good will come from ‘the mess’ that the club has found itself in.

Mark Shaw deserves a lot of credit for all his time and effort for putting together the ‘survival plan’. He has stuck by the club when it would have been much easier for him to walk away.

The Supporter’s Trust Board have worked tirelessly in raising and controlling the funds raised for the club and in obtaining club sponsorship deals.

The Supporters have rallied together and several have stepped forward in becoming the driving force to secure the financial future of the club.

The football club board now has a much closer working relationship with both the supporters trust and the supporters in general. The club board welcomes this move and believes this to be the way forward and the future of the football club. The football club needs to be self-funding and hopefully a financial structure is being put in place to secure the future of the football club for years to come.

On a personal note I have attended several meetings and been in contact with several bodies including supporters, other football clubs, the NPL, the NCEL, other step leagues and the FA

On Monday 9th June 9, 2014 the FA offered Worksop Town FC a place at step 5 (NCEL, Premier Division) and the club have now accepted the place offered.

I am now in the process of arranging meetings with the NCEL board and I need to ensure the club is represented at the NCEL agm on Saturday 14th June (same day as the NPL  agm where Worksop Town also need to be represented ).

The future of the football club is becoming ‘clearer and brighter’, but here is still a lot of hard work that needs to be done. I am proud of what the club has achieved in the short time since Jason’s announcement.

Ian Smith


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