Jason Clark statement to the Trust AGM 28 April 2017
I recently met the members of the management committee to review the current arrangements for the running of Worksop Town Football Club. I confirmed that I would continue to ensure that the club carries on the proud tradition of representing the town on the football field. However, my other commitments prevent me from being involved in the day-to-day running of the club, so I will continue to be represented by the management committee and will have a level of interaction with them. I have great confidence in the current committee. As you know in recent years I have had very little input, and it is clear to me that the club does need me to have a level of involvement, and not just around resolving some of the recent events.
I took the opportunity to discuss plans and draft budget for the next season. Similar to recent years, I will not invest to fund the operation of the club. In the long term, I believe a club that is self-sufficient is far more resilient than one that relies on one person as a major backer.
However, it is clear that greater use of the club house is an essential part of next season’s plans and to assist with that objective I have offered to pay for a year’s subscription to Sky TV, and supply a projector and a giant screen so that televised matches can be shown in the clubhouse and I’m hoping this will help allow the clubhouse to become more commercially viable and to be open on significantly more evenings than at present.
Another key off-field target is concerning the club’s supporters, which is to continue with the impressive support through the “1861” subscription. It is only through this scheme that the management committee can hope to start the season with a healthy playing budget and have a serious attempt at promotion. Whilst a return to the Mettam/Denton/Muldoon era is not going to happen, I will also potentially boost the playing budget in latter months of the season if there is an opportunity to make an impact on the league.
In the long term, I have considered my major shareholding in the club, and whether and under what circumstances I would let that go. I can reassure supporters that I will only do so if I am certain that any new person or people buying me out have the interests of Worksop Town Football Club as their sole objective in the transaction, as I have done from the time of my first involvement.
My recent comments on the forum generally sum up my feeling. I think the club is genuinely in the best possible position, and certainly stronger than at any time in recent years. I will take more time than in recent seasons with respect to WTFC, but I feel the management committee have control and are moving very much in the right direction, so I anticipate my involvement in the day to day will be minimal.
You could argue that having an absent owner is not ideal; I prefer to look upon that as a positive, that there is a safety net to ensure the club will always survive, and someone who can get involved financially if needed. I wish you all the best of luck for the remainder of this season and next.

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