Ladies captain Shannon Brooks will now be joined by Mollie Cartwright on the sidelines every Saturday afternoon, the pair will both provide Physio duties to the first team.

Shannon was appointed Physio half-way through last season after a spell at Parkgate and as enjoyed being fully integrated with the Club, she said ‘So far Craig and the rest of the coaching staff have been very welcoming and a nice bunch of people to work with, they have a good laugh whilst around the team and it shows with the lads on the pitch’

Now team-mate Mollie joins her, Shannon explained how the move came about, ‘Part of Mollies university degree is that she has to have a certain amount of work experience hours so she asked if she could shadow me whilst I was at Worksop. This will allow her to develop her skills and knowledge to maybe take a team of her own on in the future, hopefully in the Worksop set up’.

We asked the Ladies players player and coaches player of 17/18 where her main passion lies long-term, football or the medical side of the game, ‘Playing has always been a passion of mine but so has the therapy side. So it was a good interlink to stay in football and also stay within the the Worksop set up. So they are both even none is above the other with my passion. I try to develop both sides of my playing and therapy equally’.

Mollie Cartwright will look forward to busy weekends shadowing Shannon and having joined the fray last weekend she had this to say ‘Although I have only been with the team for a few games both the players & Craig make the job enjoyable. Both have made me feel at ease with the easy going attitude & banter that flies around. Being involved with a team who can have a laugh as well as respect the job you’re there to do makes the experience, for me, a lot better. Having such a close knit team in the ladies set up & with me having to accumulate 200+ placement hours in my final year of uni it seemed only fitting to work alongside & gain experience working with Shannon. This also gives me the opportunity to be involved in the club in more ways than just playing for the ladies’.

We also asked Mollie which she might have more passion for, the football or the medical side and she answered by saying ‘My passion is within the football its self, this made the decision of what area of sport I would like to gain the most experience in easy. I love playing the game but by working within the sport as well it gives me the best of both worlds’.

The Club looks forward to supporting both Shannon and Mollie on the sidelines, they travel with the first team to Goole AFC tomorrow afternoon for the first NCEL game of the season!

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