Worksop striker Craig Mitchell shared his thoughts after the 1-3 victory against Carlton Town on Saturday. “Mitch” scored two goals in the match, which allowed the Tigers to leave the Bill Stokeld Stadium with all three points.

Craig firstly talked about the performance as a team, and his own Individual efforts. 

“As far as performances go, I feel that is our benchmark. I think we now have to carry on and play the way we have done today, with desire and the tempo that is needed to go on and win matches. From the first minute we worked really well; David Reay was immense for us in goal, Niall again was fantastic and Lynton gave us width and was getting crosses into the box all the time putting pressure on the Carlton defence.”

“Of course goals are always nice to get but at the end of the day I’m at this football club to push it forward, as every other player is. We all want to get better and progress, whether that is as a player or for the club. Everybody showed in the game that they want to push us forward in the league and we can be proud of the performance.”

Craig went on to talk about how capable the squad is at taking on anyone in this league and the importance of a reaction from the Kidsgrove defeat. 

“I think any game in this league will be tricky, and there are a lot of factors from outside of football that you have to take into account as well. For that reason I think the results all year will be up and down, but if we stick to the level of performance we showed in this game I can’t see why we wouldn’t be able to compete with anyone in the league. We are new to the league but we shouldn’t be scared of that; we should go at it and try to build on last season’s success.”

“I think for all the lads it was good after the defeat to bounce back against Carlton. We had a training session in midweek, and also a good discussion where everybody got their views across and we got things off our chest. I think everyone came out fighting to prove the point that we all want to do well for Worksop, I think the frustrations from previous games have been showing but we need to stick together and work harder trying to win points in this league. Today showed we were fighting for one another. I’ve got no problems in saying that we will do alright this year, definitely.”

Finally, Craig ended with a message to the travelling fans. 

“As long as the fans keep turning up screaming and shouting, rooting for the lads, they really become the 12th man for our side. The more they keep coming, especially to the home games, we saw it last year that the football became more entertaining. It definitely is an incentive to play well and fight for the people who are spending their hard-earned money watching their local football club, and hopefully seeing it succeed.”

By Mitchell Radford.

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