Words: Devon Cash

Kyle Jordan was again left feeling frustrated after his side were on the receiving end of a 4-0 drubbing at the hands of Sheffield FC.

The Tigers succumbed to their fifth defeat in eight games as they were outperformed on a disappointing afternoon at Sandy Lane.

Sheffield went ahead after half an hour, as captain Marc Newsham tucked the ball home following Sheldon Jordan’s ball through.

Worksop began the second half better than how they started the first, going close to equalising through Max Pemberton and Steven McDonnell. However on 72 minutes, they were architects of their own downfall as David Reay’s mis-control on the edge allowed Mitchell Dunne to stroke the ball into an empty net for Sheffield’s second.

Sheffield took full control of the game after the second and went on to add two more in quick succession, with goals from Louis Thwaites and Danny Deakin.

“They were the more hard-working side,” said Jordan. “I think the ball didn’t stick enough up front for me and it was constantly coming back and putting it back on our defence.

“I thought at the start of the second half, we began to come out on top, and their second goal came at a really key time where they were struggling to get out a little bit. It is hugely frustrating with the way that we conceded the goal; we have told the boys not to pass the ball back because the pitch doesn’t facilitate us to do it that way and it puts us under the cosh. I’m not sure why Dave hasn’t just rolled the ball out for a throw.

“We haven’t conceded from a throw all season, so I’ve told Deegan [Atherton], Vank [Steven Wankiewicz] and Pembo [Max Pemberton] to just put it out and we can defend the throw in.

“Dave [Reay] has tried to take the pace off the ball and it has cost us. Dave is a grown man, he knows, and it is one of those things that you can’t dwell on too much and it is happening often. Dave has been absolutely outstanding for this football club and he played a massive part in the promotion last year, but he needs to take that one on the chin today.

“The final two goals are possibly my fault as I threw an extra striker on, possibly naively, to try and get back into it and we have got done twice. I’m one of those who won’t just settle on a 2-0, I’d rather get beaten by four and try and get a point rather than give up.

“We have got to improve, for sure.

“It is very disappointing that no-one seems to have the heart to put the ball in the goal, and this is what it takes sometimes, and it is worrying.

“The pitch is a disgrace and it doesn’t help us at all, but it doesn’t help them either so we can’t use it as an excuse.

“You make your own luck; the heart isn’t there and the quality isn’t there, which is worrying as that is what forward players should get off on, putting the ball into the back of the net – this is something that we have got to change.”

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