Words: Devon Cash

Kyle Jordan deemed the display “encouraging” after his side fell to a late penalty at second-placed Stamford AFC.

Harry Vince’s 86th minute penalty was the difference in a game where Worksop Town troubled the Daniels. This spot-kick came after Steven McDonnell’s header cancelled out Tendai Chitiza’s 25th minute opener.

“I think it is an encouraging performance,” said Jordan, “despite it being frustrating.

“They didn’t look like the side that came and turned us over at the start of the season. The players have come a long way since then, they have competed against a side who are a few points off the top of the league.

“Games at this level come down to really fine margins and that is what has happened with the penalty.

“I thought the boys did everything that we asked them to do and they did well. We knew that it was going to be tough to come anywhere like here and get something.

“We went 1-0 down fairly early on, but I always thought with the bad wind that we would get a good chance to get back into the game and we did that.

I am really frustrated with Vank [Steven Wankieiwicz], I am not sure if it was a penalty or not but it looked like one from where I was, he had given the referee the chance to make a decision and they have scored with a few minutes left.

“I am really aggrieved with the referee because I thought there were three massive penalty shouts. I thought all three could have gone either way and all of them have gone against us, which is what happens sometimes when you go to the big boys away.

“I am pleased with the performance as such and I thought we were value for a point maybe, but I am very frustrated with how we have thrown it away.”

Steven Wankiewicz came back into the side after serving a four-match suspension. His inclusion was welcomed by Jordan, who also hailed Alister Haydock, making his first appearance since Boxing Day.

“With having Vank back, it meant we had a fully-experienced back-four back, which was needed as Stamford are very good up there – the lad down the middle wins everything and the wingers cause chaos — they were like lightning and the reason they are winning nearly every week.

“Vank is a monster back there and he hasn’t played for quite a while; he wins his headers and is a bit of a leader which I feel is something we have missed.

“Alister doesn’t shy from anything. He is not the biggest, but he is very brave on the ball and tries to win his headers.

“I think he could be a great player for us moving forward.

“He is tied up with him being in the last year of his University work which we understand, but when he is available I like him to be in and around the team, especially with what has been happening off the field which does give opportunities to the young players.

“He has come on and made a difference today, I wouldn’t go as far as to say he has changed the game, but he has come on and made a positive impact.”

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