Words: Devon Cash

David Reay put in a man of the match performance in Saturday’s 2-1 defeat to Stamford AFC at the Zeeco Stadium.

Reay produced a string of magnificent saves to give Worksop a fighting chance of nicking something from the Daniels, who had only lost twice at home all season.

Reay stated: “It was a cliché of a game of two halves with the gale-force winds that went from goal-to-goal.

“I thought we were unlucky to go into half-time behind – we got caught sleeping and they have gone in and put it away.

“Second half, I thought we played well. It took us about ten minutes to get going, but then we got a foothold into the game.

“We could have done better with the first throw, I believe, before the penalty was given away.

“The wind was tough, I could hardly kick the ball in the first half, but you have to just manage it and slow the game down as much as possible to get past it and I think that is what we did. We did very well, considering they are second and we are 12th.

“I think I have had a couple of good performances recently, but I think that was my best so far this season.

“I just seemed to manage to get behind everything and it either went away or I kept hold of the ball. I am very happy with my own performance, but I’d have rather us got a point than come away with nothing.”

Next up for the Tigers is the second of four straight away games, this one being the closest to home as Worksop Town face Sheffield FC.

“If we get the basics right then we normally win,” added Reay. “We just haven’t done it enough this year – this might be because it is our first year back at this level, I don’t know.

“I think we put in a great performance at Belper and I don’t think we were too far off that today; I just think luck wasn’t on our side too much today.

“I think we like playing away and we like to be the underdogs in games, so hopefully over the next few games we can get the basics right and get a few wins together.”

Reay also commented about his experience of the past month, which has been a difficult one on the pitch as well as off it.

“The last month has been tough, but it shows that with only one player leaving, that the team isn’t disjointed.

“There has been a budget cut, which Kyle has dealt with well.

“It is good that we have raised the money and now we have stuff to look forward to as the club is in the hands of the right man, and if there was anyone to take this club forward, it is that man himself, Pete Whitehead.

“It has brought the team together, it is tough when we are losing, but I thought we did okay today.

“The boys aren’t digging each other out. I think there is a lot of positivity and fingers crossed that we keep it going until the end of the season.”

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