Trust board meeting minutes for the meeting held at Sandy Lane, Worksop on Monday 6th February 2017


Present: Dave Shephard, Roger Mills, Stuart Eyre, Simon Tweed, Tim Edmonds

Apologies: Craig Ayscough


Minutes from January meeting.

The minutes were proposed a true record by TE seconded by SE.


Matters arising

There were no matters arising


Financial Report

– RM distributed a copy of the January month end figures.  The YTD remains significantly negative at -£13971.48, the Trust having had to transfer a further £8500 to the FC to cover its liabilities. RM advised that based on the current financial situation, a significant operating loss was still projected for the current season.

The club has been hit with numerous unexpected costs relating to the ground many concerned with H&S issues- out of date fire risk assessment, out of date fire extinguishers, emergency lighting as well as repairs to the dressing rooms and floodlight tests to meet league regulations.




– Easter Draw tickets have been purchased and it is hoped to start distributing these at the Pickering game. Zoe Pendleton has undertaken to gather support from local businesses for prizes. Action SE.

– We are pleased to have received some additional kit sponsorship cash from Stan and Last Man Standing cash from Rich Nelson.

– SE is endeavouring to arrange a local band event in the clubhouse and TE has been canvassing various local bodies to hire the clubhouse for meetings etc. Action SE/TE

– We have interest from 3 new potential sponsors/advertisers.

– Several other ideas were discussed for increasing the clubhouse revenues.

– Despite previous follow ups, many sponsor/advertising debts remain unpaid. One final attempt is to be made to request that these are honoured. Action SE


1861 Club


We have received two late payments for 1861 membership




The AGM date was confirmed for Friday 28th April 2017.

The documentation for the AGM and annual elections has been prepared. Email addresses for approximately half of the Trust membership have been obtained and the documentation will be sent out in the coming week. Documentation has been printed for remaining members and it is intended to start handing these out at the Pickering game on 8th February and at the Parramore game on Saturday 11th. Any remaining documents will posted out the following week. –Action RM




Jon Kennedy had confirmed that he would like a bus arranging for the Cleethorpes and Barton games. Departure times to be confirmed and the details advised to supporters to enable booking.

Action TE/CA

– Unfortunately there has been no response to the advertised Commercial Manager position for which commission would be paid. A revised advertisement to be published- Action SE

– We have, however, received some further applications for the Media Manager position. Interviews to be held next week.

– it was noted that a ‘Tiger’s’ plaque was being advertised on the fans forum. Apart from this being an unauthorised use of the club’s registered trade mark, there is no indication that the proceeds will even come to the club. To be investigated- Action SE


Meeting closed: 19.10                                          Next meeting Monday March 13th 6pm.