Trust board meeting minutes for the meeting held at Sandy Lane, Worksop on Monday 9th January 2017


Present: Dave Shephard, Roger Mills, Stuart Eyre, Simon Tweed, Craig Ayscough, Tim Edmonds


Minutes from November meeting.

The minutes were proposed a true record by CA seconded by DS.


Matters arising

It was noted that whilst numerous meetings had been held throughout November and December, this was the first normal meeting since 7th November. Since that meeting Kevin Keep, Anne Keep, Stan Emmerson, Chris Randall, Dean Spencer and Alastair Parkin have resigned from the Trust Board and subsequently Tim Edmonds was invited to join and has accepted.


Financial Report

– RM distributed a copy of the December month end figures. The YTD remains significantly negative at -£5235.68, the Trust having had to transfer £8500 to the FC to cover its liabilities. It is anticipated that the Trust will have to make a further donation to the FC at the end of January to further cover wages and other expenses. RM advised that based on the current financial situation, a significant operating loss was still projected for the current season.

Due to the under performance of the clubhouse and the failure of several sponsors signed up by the former Commercial Manager to actually pay their debts, the financial situation is even more serious and, based on current projections, it is unlikely that the Trust will actually be able to cover all of the FC’s debts.




– As a result of the resignations the work load thrown onto the remaining members made it impossible to focus on fund raising activities in the short term .In particular, the failure to get the Christmas/New Year draw tickets printed was a major setback.

– Although resources are still stretched, some plans are now in place to try and generate more income.


1861 Club


McDonalds have now paid their subscriptions but all the other memberships associated with the ‘phantom’ commercial sponsors are now regarded as a write off.




The documentation for the AGM and annual elections is due for preparation-Action RM

In an attempt to reduce cost, as many as possible will be sent out by email and an effort is to be made gather more to supplement the limited number already held on the membership database. Action SE

The AGM date is provisionally set for Friday April 29th.




Away Travel- TE can still arrange if required. SE was of the opinion that most fans had now made alternative car sharing arrangements. Jon Kennedy is to be asked if he requires it for any of the remaining games and, if so, some advanced notice to be given to supporters to enable them to utilise it if they wish to do so. Action TE/CA




Meeting closed: 19.00                                          Next meeting Monday 6th February 6pm.