Trust board meeting minutes for the meeting held at Sandy Lane, Worksop on Monday 7th November 2016


Present: Anne Keep, Kevin Keep, Stan Emmerson, Dave Shephard, Alastair Parkin, Chris Randall, Roger Mills, Dean Spencer, Stuart Eyre

Apologies: Andy Lake


Minutes from September meeting.

The minutes were proposed a true record by DSp seconded by AP.


Financial Report

– RM distributed a copy of the Sept and October month end figures. The YTD remains significantly negative at -£15365.29. It is anticipated that the Trust will have to make a further donation to the FC at the end of November to cover wages and other expenses. RM advised that based on the current financial situation, a significant operating loss was projected for the current season. Whilst the Trust funds remain sufficient to meet the shortfall, the situation is not sustainable and ways have to be found to boost the clubhouse income and generate further commercial income.




– The lack of home games between now and Christmas make it extremely difficult to distribute and return tickets for the annual draw. It was therefore decided to make it a ‘New Year’ draw and schedule this to be drawn at the home game on 3 Jasnuary. Tickets to be purchased immediately- Action AK

– Zoe Pendleton raised a further £102 from her Astrology event- Our thanks to Zoe.

– Organising a race night was discussed. Dates were available in November but notice is a bit short and we have a lot of bookings in December. To be reviewed in the New Year. Action All

Local Coop have agreed to renew their ground ad board- Action AL


1861 Club


There were still some outstanding payments not received. Notably McDonalds and BallMax.

DSp had asked Rich Nelson to chase up McDonalds- Action DSP

Rachel Woods to be contacted regarding Ball Max and other commercial sponsors- Action RM




  • – A complaint had been received by text from P&M regarding a number of issues at the ground just prior to Parramores home game on Saturday 5th Although some of the alleged problems were simply not true and others were exaggerated, action had been taken by KK/AK to rectify those that were legitimate. The facts of the situation and the rectification carried out were to be reported back to Chris Smith who had received the original complaint from P&M-Action RM
  • – Although some members decided to leave the meeting, the reorganisation of the running of the club and the many issues which currently exist were discussed at length. Some outline plans were agreed, some aspects of which would need approval of the Club’s owner- Action RM
  • – The turn of events during the meeting had left a number of unresolved issues and it was agreed that these needed to be clarified and that a further meeting be arranged within the week-Action DSp/RM
  • – At the close of the meeting it was agreed that the dressing rooms should be inspected following the Parramore game two days previously. The away dressing room was quite reasonable but the home dressing room was in a disgusting state and the Trust members present cleaned it out. The water heaters had also been left turned on. The situation would also be reported to Chris Smith –Action RM



Meeting closed: 20.45                                          Next meeting Monday 28th November 6pm.