The Clubs brand new match-day programme ‘The Fourth’ is a 32 page silk gloss edition which is packed with fresh, engaging content each week. The title is a nod to our status as the fourth oldest football club in the world and features a different player on the cover each week.

Where can I buy it?

The programme is available both in the Clubhouse behind the bar and the Club shop in the stadium, it is mainly sold at a location to the right of the turnstile as you walk in to the ground. If you require any in bulk or want to purchase an issue but won’t be at a game then please email Jake Brown on;


Priced at £1.50 it includes a four page spread on the opposition whilst offering a supporter the chance to preview the game against ourselves, a variety of interesting match stats and 3 key players to watch out for during the game.

We also have features such as;

Full time with… – Often a two page spread, this feature gives the chosen player a chance to explain a bit about his full time job and life away from the Football Club.

Tiger Trail – A feature based around fellow football clubs also nicknamed ‘The Tigers’, we take it global and explore some fierce opposition and how they became to be Tigers like ourselves.

The Stripe Hype – The popular ‘Tiger stripes’ returned this summer, we took the opportunity to delve into the archives and pick out the striped kits of yester-year that allowed the fans to fall in love with the black and amber stripes.

10, 20, 30 – Club Historian Steve Jarvis takes us down memory lane to what happened to the specific week 10, 20 and 30 years ago.

Ask a player anything – We open our social media channels up to allow the supporters to ask a chosen player anything they like. From their favourite farm yard animal to favourite goal scored, expect anything from this one!

Tiger Cubs – This page is a bit of half-time fun for the little ones and includes ‘guess the player’, ‘spot the ball’ and an anagram for the puzzle enthusiasts. This section also includes details of the match-day mascot if and when we have one for the game.


We have our player profiles page towards the back of the programme which includes all the names of the supporters who have kindly donated kit sponsorship monies towards their choice of player for this season.

If you require any information, advertising enquiries or want to post a message then please contact Jake Brown on email;